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Membership Rates + Fees

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 CURRENT MEMBERS (not receiving Financial Assistance) - RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP NOW!

Individual Unique Pricing/scholarship program!


In addition to the branch membership fees we also provide Individual Unique Pricing based on your annual gross income and number of individuals in the household. Our scholarship program is fast and easy and you will receive reduced rates immediately when joining the Y applied to your membership fee and program fees (programs that apply). 

No Application is required:
  • Proof of income (1040 form, pay stubs, etc.) is required  to participate in this program, if not available at sign up you may provide an estimate.
  • All new members receiving Unique Pricing will sign a letter that includes their gross income and number of individuals in the household.
  • Estimates are accepted. If no income information is provided at sign up, the new member will have 10 days to turn in their information.  If information is not received your membership fee will be adjusted to full price at 1st draft (program is available to bank draft membership types only and sorry it is not available to fulltime students).
  • After joining the Y, all Unique Pricing applicants are reviewed prior to first draft of membership fees, in some cases the Y may request additional information not available on a 1040 form due to scholarship policies.
  • The below letter titled, "Unique Pricing Agreement Letter" must be signed when joining the Manatee YMCA. You may print the form and bring with you if you choose to.
  • Unique Pricing is for membership fees & progam fees (some programs will not apply). We do not have a scholarship application.

At the Manatee YMCA we are very proud to participate in the YUSA Military Initiative Program.  The program is to assist miliary famiies to join the Y who have a family member deployed.  Learn more about how the family of the deployed military personnel can receive a FREE 6 month membership to the YMCA. Click here to learn more.  Also application is below, to print and submit.


The Manatee YMCA provides a corporate program to companies that have an investment in their employees health and fitness.  We have several options to choose from based on the companies needs.  For more information, contact Lisa Strutt, Membership, Sales & Marketing Director.  Click here for more details and list of current participants.  At the Y, Wellness is our business!

Membership Types

  • 2 Adults with Children – Two adults living in the same household with dependent children 24 years of age or younger (18-24 year olds must show proof of full-time student status)
  • 1 Adult with Children – One adult living in the same household with dependent children 24 years of age or younger (18 - 24 year olds must show proof of full-time student status)
  • 2 Adults – Two adults 18 years or older living in the same household
  • 1 Young Adult – One adult 18-29 yrs. of age
  • 1 Adult – One adult 30 - 61 years of age
  • 2 Senior Adults – Two adults living in the same household, one being 62+
  • 1 Senior Adult – One Adult age 62+
  • Full-Time Students – Individual age 12 - 24 years old (18 - 24 year olds must show proof of full-time student status)

Payment Methods

The member pays in full a one-year membership to the YMCA. The YMCA will accept cash, check, money order, Mastercard or Visa as payment for membership. This is a non-refundable and non-transferable membership. Membership expires 1 year after date of enrollment.

Bank Draft
The member authorizes their bank to make an automatic monthly payment through their checking or savings account. Payment is continuous until membership is terminated by the member. To terminate a bank draft membership, a Membership Change Form must be completed (available at the front desk) and returned along with membership ID card. Membership termination is effective 30 days after notice is received. Changes in bank information requested by a member must be submitted to the YMCA front desk approximately 30 days prior to effective date (next draft date). At time of enrollment member will be responsible for payment of pro-rated current month’s fee in addition to the following month’s fee.

Joining Fee
This fee is applied to the building fund for future equipment and renovations. The Joining Fee must be paid at the time of enrollment. As long as the YMCA membership is continuous, this is a one-time fee.

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