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We offer financial assistance to individuals and families who are not able to pay full fees for YMCA programs and membership. This is made possible through our Annual Community Scholarship Campaign. Each year we raise funds from our staff, volunteers, local businesses and residents in Manatee County so that everyone has the opportunity to join the Y and participate in programs that build a healthy spirit, mind and body.  We do not have an application to apply for financial assistance for membership or programs.  

Our assistance to individuals and families is determined by Gross Annual Income and number of people in the houshold which is verified by a 1040 form.  If no 1040 form, we will accept other income verification.  To determine your eligibility and amount of assistance you can visit one of our three branches. It's easy and fast at the Welcome Center!

See below our Unqiue Pricing Agreement letter that all Scholarship recipients will complete and sign at sign up.


 Individual Unique Pricing to join the ymca and/or participate in programs

There is no application to receive a scholarship to join the Y and/or participate in programs. You may apply for a discount immediately at the Welcome Center, based on your gross income and number of individuals in the household. This is a fast and easy process. Bring your most recent 1040 form to immediately receive a scholarship or if not available at sign up you may provide us with an estimate (income verification will be required within 10 days after joining or signing up for a program at the Manatee YMCA). All documentation is kept strictly confidential.

Below Unique Pricing Agreement  Letter is completed by all that receive a scholarship to join and/or participate in programs at the Manatee YMCA and may be printed and completed prior to visiting your nearest Y to join or sign up for a program.

Child Care (YDASH, Before & After School Care) Financial Assistance

Financial assistance for Before/After School Care is available to those that can not afford full price (an application is provided below)? No one is ever turned away at the Y due to the inability to pay full price.

For more information about Early Learning Coalition, visit their website at

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